A Customized CMS for Your Clients

Being a pro web designer, you recognize the structure and constraints within your design:

  • size and length of the menu
  • graphical menu items
  • page titles
  • content / image styling and formatting, etc

To keep the design consistent throughout the site, you and your Client need a CMS that is customized to fit your design exactly. Not only making updating the website easier for your Clients, but knowing that they can't actually hurt the overall look, feel and flow of the website.

Custom Fields for Custom Content

Each page in the CMS has specific fields, created based on the intended content for that page while using the design elements and styling you provide. Therefore each piece of data has its own customized field making it easy for the client to know where to insert their content.

The Three Most Common Alternatives

  • WYSIWYG Editors for every page are too simplistic for record based pages like News, Products, etc and there is no style constraints so the client has to style the page themselves, making it a not so ideal option.
  • Having NO CMS is no longer an effective approach to website solutions in today's business climate as it creates inefficiency and a lack of control for the website owner.
  • Open Source CMS's can be frustrating for the average user and create a love/hate relationship with you the designer. They are designed to be so dynamic that they give the client access to update everything which can result in a loss of the overall look and flow of the original design as well as be frustrating for the many users that find them over complicated.

Relationship with Your Client(s)

Option 1 - You are Main Contact:

  • You can remain the primary contact to the Client, therefore all requests and updates go through you
  • You would be in charge of any design updates while you would pass on the functionality requests to us
  • The CMS would be branded for with your logo or name

Option 2 - Refer to CMS Partners:

  • You simply refer the Client to us and we take over all updates
  • The Client has direct access to us
  • The CMS is branded as CMS Partners

Take Your Offerings to the Next Level

If you are a Web Designer and do not intend to conquer the world of open source CMS integration or have the desire and know how to build your own,  then it is time you hook up with CMS Partners...
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